At one time Motorisation of Blinds was purely for the “Rich and the Famous” but we now have options that are far more affordable!

Roller Blinds, for example, are now available with either the Savi or Somfy Motors, depending on your needs. Both have a 5 year Warranty and Remote Control operation. The Somfy Motor can also be adapted to the Cybus system.

We are also able to “Easy Link” Blinds so that more than one Roller Blind can operate at the same time from just one motor.

As well as Rollers we can motorise Drapes, Romans and Awnings.

For new homes, a great option is to have your electrician run wiring to the windows during the building stage, in order to gain easy access and save you money down the track! If you bring your plans to us, we can then advise you of the best approach.

Motors are adaptable in existing homes as well, so why not ask our advice when we measure and quote?

Remote controls